the libborax (defiled_angel) wrote in bboomerangrang,
the libborax

number thirty nine.

man, i could fill this muthufucka up with stories about the bus around here, here being vancouver, washington. but here is just one. and i'm terribly afraid that it's way funnier in my head than it will be once i write it down.


so i was on the bus and this lady gets on with this enormous bag of aluminum cans and proceeds to drop them EVERYWHERE. i kind of laugh under my breath and watch her pick them up. she sits down. it became very apparent that she had no teeth when she started doing that bitter beer face thing.. i really love watching druggies do that. open their mouths then shut them ALL THE WAY CAUSE YOU HAVE NO TEETH! HA! um. oh yes, so i smiled at her, and she waved. so i waved back. and she kept doing the beer face, and waving.

so i waved back, and she waved and i waved back and she waved more and so i finally opened up my backpack and pretended to look for something for an entire 10 minutes so i wouldn't have to wave at this woman any longer.

moral of the story = floss!
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