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bboomerangrang's Journal

entertaining run-ins with the "less fortunate"*
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Warning: If you want politically correct, you have come to the wrong place.

This is a community devoted to the documentation of funny, disturbing, enchanting or otherwise entertaining run-ins with those who are "less fortunate"* than you.

The "less fortunate"* include:

*homeless people
*old people
*insane little kids
*the really mean retarded kid who was in your drama class who laughed at his farts & smelled like shit
*insane teenagers+
*the insane middle-aged
*anyone insane at all
*anyone who takes their subculture too seriously
*deaf people+
*people who are not fluent in your native tongue
*the girl who stares into her glass at dinner and asks you where the salad is
*the blind
*the blond+
*people whose jaws are wired shut
*anyone who has been on reading rainbow
*musicians in sucky bands
*people who drive stupid cars
*those suffering from tourettes
*people who get sad watching captain planet+
*people whose arms bend the wrong way
*people who talk to themselves+
*old ladies who make crafts
*those with accents
*people who ride or own horses
*people missing limbs
*those who own lawnmowers you can ride
*people who get married young
*those who genuinely enjoy george michael+
*people whose faces look like trees
*people who come to your door so you'll join "the church"
*people who think mike myers is actually funny

and all the rest.

So, join this community and share your stories of your run-ins with the "less fortunate"*.

No fights will be started over any of the content in this community. It is all in good fun, and by posting in this community you agree that your intentions are not sinister.

There will be no posting of hateful stories, or anything else that is otherwise only for bad-mouthing a group of the "less fortunate"*.

* = less fortunate is this community's fancy way of saying "different"

+ = these "less fortunate"* traits apply to this community's maintainer. Just because I fit some of the criteria does not mean I am not an asshole.