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A Christmas Afterthought...

Mya got me a movie for Christmas on special order.

It was a movie that her teacher of ASL (that's American Sign Language for all of you people who think I just asked you your age, sex + location) showed in class for part of the semester.

It's all about deaf kids, and a man who teaches them how to sing using lights or something like that; I don't know I haven't gotten around to watching it yet.

The reason she got it for me though is not because she thinks it's a touching story or anything, it was sheerly purchased for the fun of making fun of a bunch of deaf kids singing, which she will willingly and wonderfully impersonate on command.

How does the song they sing go, you ask?

"Your love is like a boomerang-rang-rang."

Yes, I know we're evil twits. But you must admit that deaf people singing is kind of funny, as well as drunk people singing. There's just a certain quality to it...

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